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2022 Summer Season - May 30th - September 11th

- Course, Tees, Tee times: all down to you as you play and post your 18 hole scores

- $30 Season dues; includes $20 towards season prize pool

- Participation for a minimum of 6 weeks is needed to be eligible for season pool prizes

- Best 6 rounds would be considered for season points total


Points are allocated for score on each hole:

Birdie or better: 4 points

Par: 2 points

Bogey: 1 point

Double: 0 points

Triple or worse: minus 1 point

- Every Monday, 12 random hole numbers are picked for the previous week.

- From your first round for the week, points made in those 12 random holes multiplied by 1.5 gives the Peoria target.

- 36 minus Playing Handicap gives Playing target.

- Final target is the best of Peoria target and Playing target.

- Net score = Total points made on 18 holes minus Final target.

- Leaderboards are based on Net score.

Play at least 5 rounds in season to be eligible for season points race.

Leaderboards updated every Monday morning.